Debunking Common Diet Myths and Staying Healthy While Dieting

October 19, 2020

Staying Healthy While Dieting - Truth Nutrition

It is quite common for people to begin their diets with inaccurate information regarding the best method for optimal results, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many of us have been prompted to believe myths about dieting, the benefits of certain foods, and fasting, which actually pushes us further away from the results that we desire. One of the most important aspects of dieting in a healthy and productive way is discrediting those myths that guide you in the wrong direction.

A common misconception about dieting and fasting is that skipping meals, and taking in less calories, will help you lose weight. In reality, this isn’t always true! Some people start dieting with the assumption that skipping breakfast and lunch while eating a large dinner can help lose weight quicker because their caloric intake is lower. However, fully skipping meals throughout the day can have a negative impact on your overall health. Not only would you start to feel tired and unmotivated due to lack of energy, but you could also end up eating more later on because you’re still hungry. We’ve all heard the expression, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and in many ways this idea is true. According to Everyday Health, “Skipping breakfast (or any meal of the day) doesn’t really help you cut calories, because it causes you to get so hungry that you overeat at the next meal, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.” In this case, it’s more effective to portion out meals, and follow a program that helps you better plan out a specific meal’s caloric intake, nutritional value, and sustenance.

One of the easiest ways to diet or lose weight that many turn to is counting calories. While this practice can be effective when used with other tactics such as exercising, simply counting calories is not a productive way to achieve the healthy body you’re working towards. According to Business Insider, “…restricting calories doesn't take into account all the aspects of a food that are required to fuel your body, from protein and carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals.” There are so many characteristics of a food, besides calories, that must be taken into account when deciding how beneficial that food might be. Therefore, while counting calories can be a good strategy to help you stay motivated to exercise and stay on track, it shouldn’t be the only factor you depend on when considering nutritional value.
One of the most common myths that must be debunked is that skinny = healthy. According to Healthline, “Even if you’re naturally slim, you still need to exercise and see your doctor regularly.” In reality, everyone’s body is different and therefore, each individual has to identify the best methods for their own healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly, keeping healthy eating habits, paying attention to the nutritional value of foods, and practicing wellness and self-care are all great ways to support and nurture a healthy body and mind.

Dieting or fasting in the right ways can lead to positive results to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to learn how to approach these methods for weight loss by understanding which common techniques are helpful, and which are myths that may lead you astray. Overall, understanding the difference between diet misconceptions and truly beneficial practices can help to keep up a positively-influenced, healthy lifestyle, and ensure that you’re nurturing your body and mind!

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